Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 6

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 6

  • Nailer wakes up to heavy rain. When he looks out the door, he sees chaos as people try to escape the rising waters.
  • Nailer scrambles to get a few things together before he and his father head to higher ground, but when he tries to wake his father up, he can't. He considers leaving his father to his fate, but decides not to.
  • Running to Pima's shack, Nailer sees Pima and her mother tying a boat to a tree just in case the water rushes in too quickly.
  • Nailer tells them his dad won't wake up, and Sadna runs to Nailer's hut as Pima and Nailer run to the trees to avoid the rushing water. Finally they find a cave and take shelter, worrying a lot about Pima's mom and a little about Nailer's dad.

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