Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 7

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 7

  • The storm rages for two days, and when Nailer and Pima return to the beach on the third day, there is nothing left of human dwellings. The beach is clean.
  • Moon Girl and Pearly show up and say that Lucky Strike is giving food away, so Nailer and Pima go to get some, looking for Sadna all the while.
  • Lucky Strike keeps order with a goon squad, and one member is Tool, who is half man, half dog.
  • Sadna and Richard find Nailer and Pima, and Richard thanks his son for saving his life.
  • The storm tore up old New Orleans and damaged everything in its path; bodies are everywhere, and Bapi and Sloth are missing.
  • Because companies aren't buying scrap yet, the ship breakers aren't working, and use the time to rebuild their huts and feed themselves.
  • Nailer and Pima are looking for food when they pass the Teeth, brick and steel buildings completely underwater.
  • Continuing on to an island that's only accessible at low tide, Nailer daydreams about sailing on a clipper ship, and Pima says she doesn't know why he saved his dad. Come to think of it, Nailer doesn't either, since his dad just drinks and beats him.
  • When Nailer and Pima come to the other side of the island, they see a downed clipper ship that is now scavenge.

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