Study Guide

Ship Breaker Chapter 9

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Chapter 9

  • Nailer freaks out as he realizes the girl is alive; she begins to whisper a stream of words, and Nailer realizes that she is praying.
  • The girl becomes silent, and Pima thinks she's dead, but as Pima starts to cut the girl's finger again, the girl awakens and pleads with them.
  • Nailer tells Pima not to do it, and Pima tries to convince him it doesn't matter if she does.
  • Nailer thinks that before the oil room and Sloth's betrayal, he would have believed Pima, but after his near-death experience, he thinks it's wrong to kill the girl.
  • So he convinces Pima not to. And the bright future of scavenge and buying their way out of light crew disappears.
  • Pima and Nailer free the girl from all the junk she's trapped under, and because of Nailer's bad arm, Pima is the one who carries the girl out of the ship.
  • After Nailer goes back to get the silver, he and Pima decide to spend the night on the island and return to the mainland tomorrow.
  • Nailer returns to get food and blankets, and finally they build a fire; as they eat, they talk about how rich the girl is.
  • When the girl awakens, Pima gives her water and food, but when the girl falls back asleep, Pima and Nailer think that it would have been easier if the girl had died or been crazy.

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