Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Maurecia-Flavored Ice Cream

By Louis Sachar

Maurecia-Flavored Ice Cream

Maurecia doesn't like anyone in the class but loves ice cream, and eventually learns to love all of her classmates when Mrs. Jewls brings in ice cream flavored like each of them. Mrs. Jewls starts by making a Maurecia-flavored version, but Maurecia, of course, can't taste it. She says:

"It doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't taste good. It doesn't taste like anything at all!" (9.12)

She can't taste it because it's how her mouth always tastes—but everyone else loves Maurecia's flavor. "This is some of the best-tasting ice cream I've ever eaten!" (9.15) Todd exclaims, "It's so sweet and creamy" (9.17), Deedee agrees. Mrs. Jewls proceeds to bring in ice cream flavored like each student and, with the exception of Kathy, as Maurecia tries them she starts to like each of her classmates in turn.

The strangeness of person-flavored ice cream aside, this means that the ice cream is a symbol for getting to know people. You never know who you'll end up liking if you just give them a chance… or a lick, as the case may be. Plus each flavor is different, which also reminds us that the kids at Wayside—just like the rest of us—are each unique and wonderful in their own way.

Except for Kathy, of course. Kathy-flavored ice cream tastes "a little bit like old bologna" (9.26). Poor Kathy.