Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 13

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 13


  • Rondi is the only kid in class missing her two front teeth—so of course everyone loves her two front teeth.
  • Mrs. Jewls compliments her missing teeth. "Your front teeth are so cute" (13.2), she says.
  • Rondi just doesn't get it. Why is everyone complimenting teeth she doesn't have? "Oh, this is silly," she says. "I'm not wearing a coat. Don't you all just love my coat? And what about my third arm? I don't have one. Isn't it lovely?" (13.9). Rondi may be lacking teeth, but she is definitely not lacking sarcasm.
  • Rondi's classmates begin complimenting all kinds of things Rondi isn't wearing: her hat, her boots. Then they all start laughing at the joke she didn't tell.
  • Rondi's untold joke is so funny that the class can't stop laughing. Mrs. Jewls writes Rondi's name on the board and says, "the funniest jokes are the ones that remain untold" (13.30).
  • In total frustration, Rondi tells a very long joke about a monkey in a banana tree. Nobody laughs. In fact, everyone ignores her.
  • Fuming, Rondi runs outside when recess begins. Louis asks her why she's frowning, and tells her to smile so he can see her cute teeth. Rondi screams and bites him—and unfortunately for Louis, bites with missing teeth hurt much more than ordinary bites.