Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 21

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 21


  • Ron has curly hair, little feet, and wants to play kickball. Terrence, Deedee, and Jason tell him he can't.
  • So Ron goes to Louis for help. Louis tells the other kids they can't have the ball unless they share, and offers to play on Ron's team, prompting a wave of smack talk from the other three kids.
  • They start the game. Unfortunately Ron is a terrible kickball player, though, and can only kick the ball a few feet. But Louis kicks a home run every time. Even with Louis' help, Ron and Louis lose the game twenty-six to two. But all is not lost because "Ron had a wonderful time" (21.39).
  • Ron wants to play again the next day, and Louis agrees; they lose even more spectacularly than in the first game.
  • When recess is over, Louis cuts to the chase: "Why do you always want to play kickball?" he asks Ron. "You can't kick. You can't field. You can't even run to first base" (21.48).
  • Ron fires back: "Don't go blaming it all on me. You're half the team too, you know" (21.49).
  • And then he punches Louis in the stomach—and he happens to be perfectly good at punching.