Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 24

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 24


  • Dameon has hazel eyes with black pupils, and—not-so-coincidentally—he's a pupil too. Mrs. Jewls asks him to go downstairs and ask Louis if he'd like to watch a movie with the class.
  • Dameon runs down thirty flights and asks Louis, who wants to know what movie it is, so Dameon runs back upstairs.
  • Dameon runs up and down the stairs, back and forth, relaying messages between Louis and Mrs. Jewls. At long last Dameon communicates that the class is watching a movie about turtles, and no, Louis doesn't want to watch. (Clearly this book was written before the era of the cell phone.)
  • Mrs. Jewls asks the class to write about turtles, but Dameon has not only missed the movie, he also can't find his pencil. When he describes it to the class, it turns out to look exactly like every other pencil in the classroom.
  • At that moment, Louis walks in and hands Dameon his pencil. "You dropped this when you were telling me about the movie" (24.52), Louis says.
  • To avoid further mix-ups, Mrs. Jewls asks the class to write their names on their pencils. Dameon spends the rest of the day trying to write his name on his pencil, because unfortunately, "Dameon's pencil couldn't write on itself" (24.54)—just like the pupils in his eyes, which can see everything except themselves.