Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 25

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 25


  • Jenny arrives late to school one day, but no one is in the classroom. Are they on a field trip? She has no idea. With no one there, she tries to figure out what to do.
  • She sits down at her desk and starts to work on her spelling. No one shows up, though, and she starts to get seriously worried.
  • Before Jenny can make much headway on her spelling, a man with a black mustache and a black attaché case barges into the room and sits down at the desk next to her. He starts to question her: Why is she in school? Where are all her classmates? Jenny gets more and more agitated. "I was half an hour late today, and when I got here everybody was gone! Really! Did something happen to them?" (25.33) she asks.
  • The man wonders why she worked on spelling if everyone was missing. He keeps asking questions without offering answers, and Jenny starts to cry.
  • Two more men come into the room and start speaking to the first man, reviewing what Jenny told them. Finally the men start to leave.
  • As they leave, one of them calls out to Jenny: "Next time, don't come to school on a Saturday" (25.58). Well, that would explain things… or some of things, anyway.