Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 29

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 29


  • Stephen has a really unusual sense of fashion, and comes to school one day with green hair, purple ears, a blue face, a green leotard, and pink dancing shoes. He doesn't always dress like this, though—he's dressed as a goblin for Mrs. Jewls' Halloween party.
  • Jason and Jenny laugh at him. None of the other kids are dressed up because they think the party is another day. Stephen insists they're wrong.
  • Mrs. Jewls announces that it's time for the party, and hands out Halloween cookies. She laughs at Stephen's costume and forgets to give him a cookie; then the party is over. Stephen feels ridiculous: "The party lasted less than a minute. And he had to spend the rest of the day wearing his stupid goblin suit" (29.13).
  • Mrs. Jewls tries to teach arithmetic but can't get the right answer to 2+2—no matter what she does, she can't seem to write 4 on the board.
  • Suddenly her chalk turns into a live worm and she drops it. The lights go out, and the blackboard lights up "like a movie screen" (29.22). A woman appears on the screen and steps out into the classroom.
  • It's the ghost of Mrs. Gorf, the nasty teacher from way back in Chapter 1. Egads.
  • Mrs. Gorf threatens revenge on the class. (Of course she does.) The kids explain to Mrs. Jewls that Mrs. Gorf turned everyone into apples and was then eaten by Louis.
  • Mrs. Jewls orders her to leave, but Mrs. Gorf says that because it's Halloween and she's a ghost, she can go wherever she likes. Mrs. Jewls argues with Mrs. Gorf over what date Halloween might be this year, but Mrs. Gorf agrees with Stephen—Halloween is today.
  • Stephen is thrilled to have confirmation, even from the ghost of Mrs. Gorf, so he leaps out of his seat and hugs Mrs. Gorf in gratitude. Who knew you could hug a ghost?
  • Mrs. Gorf disappears in shock and the lights go on again. Mrs. Jewls writes the correct answer to 2+2 on the blackboard, saying, "That's good. When two plus two doesn't equal four, anything can happen" (29.42). How true, Mrs. Jewls.
  • Stephen is hailed as a hero, but changes out of his costume anyway. His hair, however, is still green… because it's always green.