Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 6

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 6


  • Bebe Gunn, adorable young artist, is "the fastest draw in Mrs. Jewls' class" (6.1). This doesn't mean she's good with weapons—nope, it means she's a speed demon with a box of crayons.
  • Bebe uses art class to draw as many pictures as possible. In one art period, "she could draw fifty cats, a hundred flowers, twenty dogs, and several eggs or watermelons" (6.3).
  • You'd think Bebe would be a one-girl art factory, but she has help. Calvin sits next to Bebe in art, and he doesn't think he's a very good artist, so instead he spends his art periods handing Bebe paper and supplies.
  • Bebe and Calvin work together during art class one day, and with a lot of hard work, they break their old record—Bebe draws three hundred and seventy-eight pictures. Both of them are exhausted.
  • Mrs. Jewls asks Calvin if he drew the pictures. When Calvin says he didn't draw anything, Mrs. Jewls asks if this is because he doesn't like art. "I love art," Calvin replies. "That's why I didn't draw anything" (6.24). Perfect response, Calvin.
  • Mrs. Jewls explains that art is all about quality, not quantity. "Why, a person could spend his whole life just drawing one picture of a cat," she explains. "But if that one picture is better than each of Bebe's two million, then that person has produced more art than Bebe" (6.28). Ouch, Mrs. Jewls.
  • Bebe's entire worldview is shattered by her teacher's explanation, and she tosses her pictures in the garbage and runs from the room.
  • Louis spots Bebe leaving school and asks where she's going. She says she's going home to draw a picture of a cat. Louis asks if she can bring it tomorrow, but Bebe says she probably won't even be finished with one whisker by then. This artist has changed her style.