Study Guide

Sister Carrie Chapter 21

By Theodore Dreiser

Chapter 21

The Lure of the Spirit: The Flesh in Pursuit

  • Hurstwood and Carrie meet again in secret. They chat about how great her performance in the play was, then things turn serious and he begs her to go away with him.
  • Carrie's not sure. She's still wondering whether Hurstwood knows that she and Drouet aren't really married, and she wonders if Hurstwood wants to marry her.
  • He continues to beg, pleading with her to come with him tonight or Saturday at the latest. She asks if they can get married Saturday and he says yes, so she agrees.
  • They're both thrilled—never mind the minor issue of Carrie's live-in lover or the fact that old Hurstwood is already married. They're in love.
  • They agree to meet the next day to further discuss their plans.