Study Guide

Sister Carrie Chapter 8

By Theodore Dreiser

Chapter 8

Intimations by Winter: An Ambassador Summoned

  • Minnie and Mr. Hanson awake to find Carrie's note. They're a little shocked, but neither rushes to call out the search party.
  • Carrie wakes up in her new place, a bit worried about what's going to happen to her now, but then Drouet comes over and invites her to breakfast and more shopping. Afterward, he takes her to see "The Mikado," an operetta. On the way there, Carrie spots one of the girls she'd worked with at the factory. This freaks her out so much that she bumps into a stranger.
  • Carrie is all about the theater, and afterward she and Drouet stop for a bite to eat. More sparks fly between them, and love is in the air as they walk arm-in-arm back to Carrie's apartment.
  • Jump to Minnie: She's having a nightmare about Carrie being swallowed up into a coalmine, and starts talking in her sleep, waking Sven.
  • Fast forward a week. Drouet drops by his pal Hurstwood's office to invite him over to his house for a friendly game of euchre (a card game). Hurstwood agrees and promises to bring the booze.