Study Guide

The Gypsy Woman in Red in Skin Hunger: A Resurrection of Magic

By Kathleen Duey

The Gypsy Woman in Red

Sadima meets this woman at the water well in Limòri. She looks pretty exotic:

She was dressed head to toe in rust red robes embroidered with many colors… Her hands were tattooed in swirling patterns… the silver bangles in the woman's ears shone against her honey-colored skin. (23.29-30)

Even more mysterious, when Sadima asks where she's from she answers: "From long ago and all too near" (23.31). Later Sadima finds out that these words are associated with the Eridians, making this woman a rare Gypsy who also follows the beliefs of the Eridians. Her words might also be a shout-out to the long-life song of the Gypsies.