Study Guide

Kary Blae in Skin Hunger: A Resurrection of Magic

By Kathleen Duey

Kary Blae

Kary is "a woman in a lovely blue dress" (15.7) who stops her carriage and offers Sadima a lift the rest of the way to Limòri. We know that she's rich (carriage, duh, plus she lives on Ferrin Hill), and that she's married (she mentions her husband in conversation). She seems like a nice lady in general. When Sadima tells her that she has no parents, Kary offers her sympathy "in a voice so full of pity that Sadima turned away" (15.22).

Sadima sees Kary again while she's living in Limòri. She waves at Sadima in the Market Square, and while Sadima has now seen enough carriages to not be automatically blown away by them, she notes that Kary's carriage "was still very fine" (39.14). Hey, Kary—nice carriage.