Study Guide

Rinka in Skin Hunger: A Resurrection of Magic

By Kathleen Duey


Rinka owns a cheese shop in Limòri. When Sadima wanders in to look for a job, she sees her like this: "The woman inside wore a close-fitting cap, embroidered with flowers and vines. Wisps of graying hair had escaped from around her ears" (27.7). Rinka listens to Sadima explain how she makes cheese, and then offers to hire her to help out in the shop.

Before they finalize the arrangement, Rinka tells Sadima: "We are Eridians… Bound by oath to honesty and sacred labor. We work hard, and I will expect you to work hard" (27.17). None of this sounds too outlandish to Sadima, or to us, really.

Rinka's mom was a Gypsy, and she taught Rinka some of the old songs, which Rinka teaches to Sadima at her request. Rinka also gives Sadima more money than they'd initially agreed on, saying, "You are worth every bit" (31.28), and when Sadima asks Rinka about the ways of love, Rinka answers her questions honestly and without making Sadima feel ignorant (37.37). It seems like Rinka's a kind, generous person. Sadima needs someone like that in her life.