Study Guide

Sadima's Mom in Skin Hunger: A Resurrection of Magic

By Kathleen Duey

Sadima's Mom

We hear her cries during childbirth, but unfortunately we only see her as a corpse. Micah walks in and sees this scene:

The linens were stained with an ugly, deep red. No. Not red. Red-brown. The blood had dried. His mother lay with her eyes fixed open one crooked arm still upon the blankets. (3.54)

We know from Micah's memories that she was a fun and loving person. He thinks, while looking at baby Sadima: "She was, in many ways, a miniature of their mother. She got joyously silly over the smaller things—a glimpse of a red-tailed wren flying over the house, the scent of clover blooms" (5.9). It's really too bad that she died and couldn't raise her kids; we think Sadima would've been a lot happier having her mom around.