Study Guide

Sam's Friends: Rubbish and Rabbit in Slam

By Nick Hornby

Sam's Friends: Rubbish and Rabbit

Down at the skate park, Sam hangs out with Rubbish and Rabbit. Here's what he tells us about them:

There are three of us who use it all the time—me, Rabbit and Rubbish, who can't really skate, which is why he's called Rubbish, but who at least talks sense. If you want to learn something about skating, watch Rabbit. If you want a conversation that isn't completely insane, talk to Rubbish. (2.2)

Good to know. The main thing about Sam's friends is that they are there for him with open ears when he needs to talk things out. Like most sixteen year olds, though, that's not very often. More frequently, what Sam needs from his friends is just buddies to practice cool skating tricks they've seen champs do. He wants to be a carefree teen when he's with his pals, not an almost-dad. And perhaps because of this, we don't get to know Rubbish and Rabbit all that well, aside from the fact that they skateboard. A lot.

In some ways, Rubbish and Rabbit highlight how young Sam is. When we meet him, he doesn't have a complicated life or a lot to worry about. Like most teenagers, he focuses on school, friends, and skateboarding. These pals show us how simple and straightforward Sam's life is before he and Alicia have a baby.