Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 13

By David Guterson

Chapter 13

  • Zooming around in time and space yet again, we get the story of the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and all the fear, precautions, paranoia, and anti-Japanese American sentiment that cropped up after that point (and the impact all of the above had on Hatsue, her family, and their friends and acquaintances).
  • Art Chambers, Ishmael's dad and the publisher of the local paper, the San Piedro Review, made an effort to combat the anti-Japanese American feelings swarming about by emphasizing the loyalty of San Piedro's Japanese American residents in his stories.
  • Then we hear about how all the hubbub affected Hatsue and Ishmael's teen romance.
  • Later, Ishmael and his father, Art, had discussed Art's philosophy of journalism, which involved framing facts in a particular way.
  • That framing got him in the bad books of some of the island's resident racists, who wrote in and even called him anonymously to chew him out.