Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 18

By David Guterson

Chapter 18

  • Still in the past, we get the skinny on what happened when Art went to Judge Lew Fielding to ask for the warrant to search Kabuo Miyamoto's boat.
  • Art laid out five reasons he wanted to question Miyamoto.
  • Judge Fielding was a bit reticent to sign the warrant, given the tenuousness of some of Art's evidence. He was particularly unimpressed by Etta Heine's statements, since he knew what a "hateful" woman she was.
  • Fielding ended up signing the warrant, but he made it a limited one; Art was only allowed to use it to search for the murder weapon on Miyamoto's boat.
  • We then scoot over to Kabuo Miyamoto's boat, where he accidentally killed a seagull (which is actually viewed as a bad omen among fishermen, we learn) just before Art Moran came aboard to execute that search warrant.
  • Kabuo was surprised that Art wanted to search the boat. He claimed he had had nothing to do with Carl's death and didn't know anything about it.
  • However, when Art found a gaff with blood all over the handle, he decided he'd found enough to arrest Kabuo.
  • Art was originally going to wait until he got the blood analysis back to decide on an arrest, but only under the condition that Kabuo promised not to go fishing that night (Art didn't want him to make a run for Canada). Kabuo refused, so he was arrested.