Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 24

By David Guterson

Chapter 24

  • Now Ishmael is at his mother's. They talk about Ishmael's lack of religious sentiments and the trial. Ishmael pretends to think that Kabuo is guilty, even though he now has compelling evidence that Carl Heine wasn't murdered at all.
  • They also talk over Ishmael's philosophy of "facts" and his unhappiness.
  • Later, he goes around exploring the house and indulging in more memories, this time of his childhood and father. We hear about his father's death from cancer.
  • Then, not to be deterred too long from mooning about Hatsue, Ishmael hunts up the letter his former lover had written him from Manzanar breaking things off. We get the full text.
  • We then get some intel about his unfulfilling sex life as an adult and about how he ended up coming back to San Piedro to run his dad's paper.
  • Speaking of Art, Ishmael reflects that his dad would have been down at the courthouse already to deliver the coast guard evidence to the judge.
  • Ishmael, however, is not going to do that. Instead, he intends write the article about the trial that Hatsue had requested, which would make her indebted to him after the trial. He thinks she would then have to speak to him, since he had taken her side. Um, what? This is more important than saving a guy's life? Oh, right, Ishmael probably wants that guy out of the way. Oh, the twisted logic...