Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 25

By David Guterson

Chapter 25

  • It's Day 3 of the trial, and Hatsue is taking the stand as the first witness for the defense. Before she starts speaking, however, we get some details on how people (and particularly Nels) have been struggling with the cold and lack of electricity, as well as other tidbits about the thoughts of those assembled.
  • Hatsue is thinking about her married life with Kabuo, including his sadness and distance after the war.
  • She remembers how Kabuo got into the fishing business and thinks about how much he wanted his parents' land back.
  • Then, she actually starts her testimony. She describes her husband's plan to try to buy the land back from Carl and his reactions to conversations with Ole Jurgensen and then Carl about the purchase. She claims that Kabuo was super-hopeful that Carl would sell him the land back, based on their conversation right before Carl's death.
  • She also reveals that, on the day of Carl's death, her husband had come home reporting that Carl had agreed to sell him the land. The deal had taken place on Carl's boat, right after Kabuo had helped him replace a dead battery.
  • However, later that day, Hatsue had learned from a checkout clerk at the grocery store that Carl was dead...