Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Chapter 31

By David Guterson

Chapter 31

  • Ishmael Chambers drives to his mother's house. While he's there, the power comes back on.
  • Ishmael spends some time remembering his father.
  • Then, he decides to read Hatsue's letter again (because why not?).
  • He reflects that Hatsue had admired part of him once, but he believes that part of him has been missing for some time.
  • He then goes out walking and finds himself back at the hollowed out cedar tree that had been his secret meeting place with Hatsue. He realizes that his days of hanging out in the tree are over.
  • Then, he goes straight to Hatsue, who is staying with her parents, and shows her the records he'd pilfered from the coast guard office.