Study Guide

Reba Dead in Song of Solomon

By Toni Morrison

Reba Dead

Born to Pilate of a man on the island colony off the coast of Virginia, Reba is a lucky woman. She always wins things, such that people from far and wide come to her to ask for her help choosing lotto numbers. She has a tendency to give opulent gifts to her boyfriends, of which there are many, with the exception of her diamond ring. After winning this ring for being the 500,000th customer to walk through the Sears doors, Reba wears it around her neck. She only gives it up when Hagar, her only child, demands money for new clothes and new makeup. We don’t see Reba after Hagar’s death, and we wonder who will take care of her at the end of the novel when both Pilate and Milkman die and disappear.