Study Guide

Speak Chapter 10

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 10


  • Melinda rides the bus home with Heather. All the way to her house, Heather talks about all the clubs she wants to join.
  • Heather's room is being redecorated so Melinda and Heather head down to the carpeted, furnished basement.
  • Melinda tries to watch TV and eat popcorn.
  • Heather runs furiously on the treadmill, still talking.
  • After burning a hundred calories on the treadmill, Heather gets a pen and paper and says they need to write down their goals. She asks Melinda what her goals are.
  • Melinda thinks that two months ago she wasn't that different from Heather. But everything is different now.
  • Melinda's current goal is naptime in her room.