Study Guide

Speak Chapter 11

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 11


  • Melinda doesn't know study hall is in the library today, because yesterday Hairwoman took her out of study hall to do a make-up assignment in her classroom.
  • When Melinda gets to the library, study hall is over. She tries to tell the librarian what happened, but she can't find the words.
  • The librarian tells her not to worry. She has a pad of late passes, and she gives one to Melinda.
  • Melinda feels better and checks out some books that she might even read.
  • At lunchtime, Mr. Neck is following Melinda around trying to get some homework from her. She escapes him by going into "the Senior's Wing" (11.4). She's never been here before.
  • Mr. Neck is hot on her trail, but she ducks into what she thinks is a classroom. Luckily, it isn't a classroom, but a janitor's closet, one which doesn't seem to be in use anymore. The closet has shelves, a chair, a desk, and a mirror.
  • This abandoned, out-of-the-way closet is just what Melinda needs.
  • She snags a pad of Hairwoman's late passes and her mood improves.