Study Guide

Speak Chapter 17

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 17

Blue Roses

  • Melinda is going to try to do better in school. She focuses on learning about cells in science class.
  • The science teacher, Ms. Keen, strikes Melinda as too brilliant to be teaching high school.
  • David Petrakis is brilliant too. He's Melinda's lab partner.
  • David might be a hottie when the metal comes off his teeth. He's so brainy it's scary.
  • Melinda wonders why David doesn't get beat up, why bullies don't bother him.
  • David doesn't pay much attention to Melinda, except when she almost ruins an expensive microscope the day Ms. Keen wears the crazy purple dress.
  • That dress is a hot gossip topic for a long time.