Study Guide

Speak Chapter 21

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 21

The Marthas

  • Heather has joined a group called "the Marthas."
  • Wow. Melinda isn't sure how Heather pulled off getting into the Marthas.
  • Being a Martha takes some serious cash. Being a Martha means wearing matching outfits.
  • The other Marthas are Meg, Emily, and Siobhan.
  • The Marthas are very helpful to the community. Although the founder of the Marthas named the group after the biblical Martha, the current Marthas seem to worship Martha Stewart. They are decorating maniacs. They raise lots of money for charities too.
  • Heather is required to decorate the faculty lounge for Thanksgiving, and she recruits Melinda to help her.
  • The faculty lounge is a sad and lonely room.
  • Melinda is botching her part of the decorating. Heather rescues her and asks Melinda if she thinks it's wonderful that she got into the Marthas! Since the other Marthas come into the room, Melinda doesn't answer the question.
  • Emily asks Heather who Melinda is. Heather says that Melinda is her first friend at Merryweather.
  • Siobhan says, "She's creepy. What's wrong with her lips? She looks like she's got a disease or something" (21.19).
  • Melinda cries in the bathroom until she's sure the bus has left – with Heather on it.
  • She washes her face. She tries to wash away all her facial features.