Study Guide

Speak Chapter 26

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 26

Job Day

  • It's Job Day at Merryweather High. Everybody takes a test with two hundred questions on it. Their answers are supposed to predict the careers they'll be best at.
  • Melinda is predicted to do well in "(a) forestry (b) firefighting (c) communications (d) mortuary science" (26.5).
  • Heather's results predict that she will do well as a nurse. Heather is completely excited and decides to be a candy striper (volunteer worker in a hospital) this summer. She can clearly see her path to nurse-hood before her.
  • Melinda doesn't even know what she'll be doing in the next few minutes.
  • First, she has to actually survive ninth grade. After that, maybe she'll be more career-minded.