Study Guide

Speak Chapter 3

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 3


  • Lunch is after social studies. The narrator enters the cafeteria and goes through the line.
  • Some kind of turkey and mashed potatoes is dumped onto her lunch tray.
  • A senior, who she calls the "Basketball Pole," is somehow given three cheeseburgers in the lunch line. She needs to observe him to learn his secret.
  • She looks around and sees some of her old friends, but they turn their eyes from her. She sees Heather from Ohio and considers sitting with her.
  • But then someone throws a big spoon of mashed potatoes at the narrator and hits her.
  • She runs out of the cafeteria, but is caught by Mr. Neck in the hallway.
  • She can't think of any words to say to him, so she says nothing. He tells her he knows that she's "trouble" (3.14), and he gives her a demerit.