Study Guide

Speak Chapter 30

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 30

Peeled and Cored

  • This week Ms. Keen, the biology teacher, has been focusing on teaching the class about flowers.
  • The kids in the back row snicker when Ms. Keen talks about how the plants reproduce.
  • Ms. Keen passes out apples and plastic knives to dissect them with. The kids in the back row are sword fighting with the plastic knives. They get their names written on the board and lose points off their grades.
  • David Petrakis neatly dissects his apple. David is trying to decide between taking pre-med and pre-law courses in college.
  • The smell of fresh apple fills the room, reminding Melinda of the time her parents took her to an apple orchard to pick apples, a happy memory.
  • Melinda takes a big bite out of her juicy, red apple. David flips out. He says they will lose points now.
  • She cuts her apple into four pieces and finds twelve seeds. One of the seeds is cracked, and there's a tiny, baby apple tree sprout growing in it.
  • Ms. Keen gives Melinda extra points for having an apple with an apple tree growing inside it.
  • Melinda likes biology.