Study Guide

Speak Chapter 31

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 31

First Amendment, Second Verse

  • The students are all pretty rowdy since Winter Break is only a week away. The teachers and staff are tired, so the students do whatever they want and don't get in trouble.
  • In history, class David Petrakis has a tape recorder on his desk. He starts recording when Mr. Neck begins his lecture.
  • This time, Mr. Neck teaches history without inserting his personal political feelings. He gives David the evil-eye during the whole lesson, though. The tape recorder won't be able to record all that. David doesn't turn away from Mr. Neck's glares.
  • When Melinda is waiting for the counselor in the office she hears that David's parents hired a lawyer. They might sue the school district and Mr. Neck.
  • The lawyer claims Mr. Neck has violated some students' civil rights and that he's not really qualified to be teaching.
  • David's lawyer wants David recording the class sessions to catch Mr. Neck if he screws up again. The next day in class, David's lawyer has a video camera set up in the classroom, probably to capture Mr. Neck's evil-eye on film.
  • David is Melinda's hero.