Study Guide

Speak Chapter 37

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 37

Poster Child

  • Since Heather begs her, Melinda goes to Heather's house after school.
  • Apparently, the Marthas aren't happy with Heather's performance. She tells Melinda the story:
  • For Valentine's Day, the Marthas make pillows to give to kids stuck in the hospital.
  • Heather is nervous because some Marthas disapprove of her outfit. So, she glues the hearts on crooked and spills glue on a pillow.
  • As punishment, they make Heather stuff pillows – the lowliest job.
  • Next, Heather launches into a tale of the Marthas' food drive.
  • Melinda starts to space out. Suddenly, she hears Heather saying, "I knew you wouldn't mind, Melinda" (37.5). "What?" (37.6), Melinda asks her.
  • Heather says she knew she could count on Melinda to illustrate posters. Illustrating posters is Heather's latest job with the Marthas. She begs Melinda to help her, praising Melinda's skill as an artist.
  • Melinda doesn't know how to refuse.