Study Guide

Speak Chapter 39

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 39

Model Citizen

  • Heather's a model now. She has a job at the mall. She claims some random woman at the mall offered her the job shortly after her braces where removed.
  • Melinda knows Heather's dad works for the mall. He's probably the one who got her the job.
  • Now, all the Marthas just love Heather, but it's Melinda's company Heather wants at the mall on her first day of modeling.
  • On the way to the mall, Heather's mom asks Melinda if she wants to model. Heather tells her mom that Melinda is "too shy" (39.2).
  • Melinda can see Heather's mom watching her in the rear-view mirror. Melinda can also so how disgusting her scabby lips look, so she covers them up.
  • Actually, Melinda does wish she was a model, like the girl she saw on a recent magazine cover – so beautiful nobody would dare to put their hands on her.
  • But, Melinda's dedication to cheeseburgers might put a damper in her career.
  • Heather, on the other hand, is practically starving herself, and Melinda wonders what this is doing to Heather's brain.
  • It's freezing in the store, and Heather has to wear a bathing suit. The photographer is a weirdo who keeps telling Heather she's "sexy" (39.5).
  • Melinda's throat is very sore, and she needs a nap.
  • Melinda buys some "Black Death" nail polish, which is black with red lines in it.
  • She's been biting her nails to the quick, and they are bloody. So the nail polish will match.