Study Guide

Speak Chapter 42

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 42

Naming the Monster

  • Melinda spends the next week working on the posters for the Marthas' canned-food drive. She works on them in her supply closet, where she feels comfortable.
  • Since Heather has a new modeling job, Melinda hangs the posters for her.
  • She feels good about this work. If the other kids see her hanging the posters, it could be good for her badly damaged reputation.
  • Melinda is hanging a poster outside the metal shop room when the guy she refers to as "IT" (2.2) sneaks up behind her and says "Freshmeat" (42.3) in her ear.
  • Of all the girls in school, IT is after her – again.
  • His smell makes her nauseas. She panics, drops the tape and poster, and runs.
  • Now, she knows that IT remembers what he did to her.