Study Guide

Speak Chapter 44

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 44

Can It

  • At lunchtime, Melinda knows Heather is having problems with the Marthas. She isn't dressed like the other Marthas – which means they didn't call her to tell her what to wear.
  • Heather sits "at the fringe of the Martha table" (44.1). Melinda sits at another table, but near Heather. Siobhan asks Heather why she contributed canned beets to the canned-food drive.
  • Heather tells her that a neighbor donated the beets and since beets are foods people eat, she contributed them to the drive.
  • Well, canned beets just aren't acceptable to the Marthas – a beet is not a fashionable food.
  • Next, Siobhan tells Heather that she hasn't collected nearly enough cans, and that the posters she made for the canned-food drive are silly and bad. The drive is a failure and it's Heather's fault.
  • Emily is finished with her lunch, and Heather gets up to clear her tray, without defending Melinda's posters.
  • Siobhan is excited now. She tells Emily that Andy Evans is coming up to their table.
  • Melinda turns to see who they are talking about. They are talking about IT.
  • Now she knows ITs name.
  • Heather asks Emily and Siobhan if it's true that Andy is a bad guy.
  • Siobhan says that's just gossip. Emily says that the truth is that Andy's rich, good looking, and maybe just a tad "dangerous" (44.18). Emily brags that Andy called her last night.
  • Siobhan says that according to gossip, Andy "sleeps with anything" (44.19).
  • The peanut butter from Melinda's sandwich glues her jaws together.
  • Emily says she doesn't believe the rumors.
  • And then Andy is at the table.
  • Everything gets blurry and dark for Melinda. She can't really hear what's going on either.
  • Andy is playing with Melinda's hair. Emily looks upset about it.
  • Melinda runs to the bathroom, vomits and washes her face.
  • Heather doesn't come to see if Melinda is OK.