Study Guide

Speak Chapter 45

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 45

Dark Art

  • Mr. Freeman is in trouble. The school thinks he's been giving out too many As.
  • The giant canvas stands unfinished. Mr. Freeman is too depressed to work on it.
  • It's freezing cold in the room, but nobody wants to complain to Mr. Freeman.
  • Melinda is trying to carve a tree in linoleum. She accidentally cuts her thumb on the linoleum knife. Mr. Freeman gives her a tissue and washes the knife with bleach. Melinda shakes her head "no" when Mr. Freeman asks if she wants to see the nurse.
  • Before Mr. Freeman gives Melinda back the knife, he uses it to slash his canvas.
  • Everybody in the class is shocked.
  • The chapter ends with Melinda's report card. She gets Ds in Attitude and Social Studies, an A in Art, a B in Biology, and Cs in everything else.