Study Guide

Speak Chapter 48

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 48


  • At first, skipping school is excellent. Melinda can do whatever she wants, and nobody is around to boss her.
  • She walks around until she's freezing, and then almost decides to go to school, where she can get warm.
  • Instead, she takes the bus to the mall, which is just opening when she arrives. She didn't realize the mall was ever closed.
  • Elderly women exercise. Melinda window shops.
  • She sits watching the sun stream in through the skylight.
  • Maybe she should go ahead and tell someone her secret.
  • A security guard sees Melinda, and she can tell he's about to report her as a truant.
  • She goes outside to catch the bus, and waits until time for school to be out so she can go back home.
  • For the next four days, Melinda gets up early, catches her bus, and goes to school.
  • The routine drives her crazy. She'll have to skip school now and again for relief.