Study Guide

Speak Chapter 60

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 60


  • Melinda is focusing on learning about seeds in biology class. She finds it pretty fascinating, actually.
  • She learns a lot about how seeds are spread around the earth by wind and birds, not to mention fabulous facts about how seeds germinate (or sprout, so they can grow into plants).
  • Seeds need the right amount of water, need to be planted at the right depth, and need to be at the right temperature, or they won't sprout.
  • Once a seed sprouts, there are still lots of bad things that can happen to it to keep it from becoming a plant. Melinda thinks, "It's amazing anything survives" (60.4).
  • She also learns how plants grow: "Most plants grow fast and die young" (60.5).
  • Melinda likes plants a lot and is going to do really well on her biology test.