Study Guide

Speak Chapter 64

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 64

A Night to Remember

  • Melinda listens to the radio in her room after the basketball game, but sleep does not come.
  • She goes up to the porch on her roof and watches the moon and sky.
  • Last summer, Rachel arranged for them to go to the end-of-summer party held by some cheerleaders.
  • (Flashback.)
  • Rachel's brother Jimmy drives them to the party; Rachel's mom thinks they are going to the skating rink.
  • The party is at a farm a few miles from where Melinda lives.
  • Melinda starts drinking beer, which tastes gross. After about three beers, she feels the urge to vomit, so she walks out toward the woods.
  • This really cute senior starts flirting with her. The senior asks her to dance, and she accepts. It feels so good.
  • She wonders where Rachel is and wants to see her.
  • Soon, the senior kisses Melinda.
  • It feels good.
  • She's happy because she'll already have a boyfriend when she begins high school.
  • Somehow, Melinda and the senior are on the ground now.
  • He asks her if she wants to have sex.
  • It's not quite clear whether Melinda says "no," or not. She doesn't want to, but she's having trouble getting the words out.
  • The senior is pressing his heavy body on her; she feels like she's suffocating.
  • He has his lips on hers very hard. She can't believe what's happening. She wants to scream for him to stop.
  • He reeks of beer.
  • The senior hurts her very badly and then leaves her, smiling.
  • Melinda isn't sure how she got from there to the phone, but next thing you know, she is calling 911.
  • Somebody takes the phone from Melinda and listens to see who she's talking to. This person realizes she's called the police and alerts the other partiers.
  • Rachel looks really mad at Melinda. Somebody smacks Melinda in the face.
  • Melinda leaves the party and walks home, before the cops come.
  • (End flashback.)
  • Melinda bites through her lip as she remembers that night, and she sees her blood dripping on the snow. She needs stitches in her lip.
  • She doesn't like winter. There's too much winter in Syracuse.
  • This chapter ends with Melinda's report card.
  • She has Fs in Social Life, Cloths, Social Studies, and Algebra. She has Ds in Lunch, Biology, English, Spanish, and Gym. She has an A in Art.