Study Guide

Speak Chapter 65

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 65


  • The Hornet is on its way out as the Merryweather mascot, if the petitioning PTA has its way.
  • The PTA doesn't like the Hornet cheer. We'll give you the first two lines of the cheer: "WE ARE THE HORNETS, HORNY, HORNY HORNETS!" (65.2).
  • (Be sure and read your book for the rest of the cheer.)
  • The cheer even made it on TV. The sports commentators found it "cute" (65.3).
  • The student council and the honor society join forces and write a counterpetition. According to the petition, Merryweather students have suffered "psychological harm" because they haven't had an identity all year. The mascot just keeps changing and changing! But they now have an identity, and one they are proud of. They have embraced their hornet selves.