Study Guide

Speak Chapter 66

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 66

The Wet Season

  • It's almost Spring. The junky cars people use in the winter are disappearing, replaced by their sparkling cousins. Mom puts the winter coats in the attic; Dad considers removing the storm windows.
  • It's April Fool's Day and most seniors are getting letters from the colleges they applied to. David Petrakis is writing database programs to track the results. He's analyzing how the students who got into Harvard managed it, so he can follow in their steps.
  • Melinda rarely skips class now. She feels like an obedient puppy. She's starting to pass tests again.
  • Andy Evans has dumped the Marthas and is now in the International Club with the foreign exchange students.
  • She sees him with Rachel and Greta-Ingrid a lot now.
  • Rachel flirts with him. She should know better.
  • Melinda, Mom, and Dad eat lamb chops and hard-boiled eggs on Easter.
  • Dad complains about the yard work, and Mom is quiet.
  • Melinda thinks it might have been nice to go to church. She likes some Easter songs.