Study Guide

Speak Chapter 67

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 67

Spring Break

  • On the final day of Spring Break, Melinda feels claustrophobic in her house, so she goes to the mall with ten bucks. She considers spending it all on fries.
  • On second thought, summer and bathing suits are on the horizon so maybe deep fried isn't the way to go.
  • Melinda goes downstairs to the fountain and encounters a throng of little kids waiting to have their faces painted.
  • Ivy is down there sketching the kids. She's working on her clown assignment for art class. In her drawing, all the kids have "fake-happy" (67.7) clown makeup on one half of their faces, and no makeup and a sad look on the other half.
  • Melinda approves of the drawing, and Ivy compliments her on the turkey bone art Melinda did after Thanksgiving. Ivy says she can't get it out of her head.
  • Melinda's at a loss for words so she shares her Lifesavers with Ivy.
  • When Ivy asks about Melinda's tree, Melinda makes a frustrated sound.
  • Ivy tells Melinda she's a better artist than she gives herself credit for.
  • Together, Melinda and Ivy draw a tree, and they both think it's the beginning of something excellent.