Study Guide

Speak Chapter 69

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 69

My Life as a Spy

  • Rachel has gone totally bonkers. She's dating Andy Evans.
  • Andy is also very affectionate with Greta-Ingrid.
  • In algebra class, Melinda hears Rachel talking nonstop about Andy. Melinda can't concentrate on class because she's torn. She's doesn't know if she should try to protect Rachel from Andy, or let Rachel take care of herself, since she abandoned Melinda.
  • After class, Melinda follows Rachel and Greta-Ingrid.
  • Andy appears, playing and flirting.
  • He kisses Rachel on the cheek. Melinda pretend-studies, trying to be invisible.
  • She watches Andy and Rachel go on down the hall and start making out.
  • Melinda feels like her head is a volcano about to erupt. She can't stop imagining Rachel as a cute little third grader.