Study Guide

Speak Chapter 70

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 70

Thin Atmosphere

  • Melinda heads to her closet for a serious thinking session. She debates telling Greta-Ingrid, or Rachel, about Andy. She wonders what Andy would do if he found out that she told on him.
  • Maya Angelou observes Melinda from the poster. It's obvious that Maya wants Melinda to tell Rachel.
  • It's a little hot in the closet, so Melinda takes off her sweatshirt; April is humid and rainy.
  • She observes the tree drawing she's pinned up, and thinks her art really has improved, at least a little. It would be nice to decorate her room to look like this closet.
  • Melinda feels sure that Maya wants her to warn Rachel.
  • Melinda writes Rachel a note telling her that Andy is dangerous, and that Rachel and Greta-Ingrid should be careful.
  • She disguises her handwriting.