Study Guide

Speak Chapter 73

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 73

No Justice, No Peace

  • OK, Melinda is not going to read her paper out loud to the class. That wasn't even part of the assignment.
  • Melinda and David put their heads together and come up with a strategy.
  • Melinda makes a poster, asserting her right not to speak. On the poster, she compares herself to the suffragettes who took risks to stand up for their rights.
  • David tells Mr. Neck, "Melinda has to deliver her report to the class as part of the assignment. She made copies everyone can read" (73.8).
  • Mr. Neck isn't pleased. Melinda gets another D, another trip to Principal Principal's office, and another trip to MISS. (See Chapter 56 for her first trip to MISS.)
  • Andy Evans isn't in MISS this time, thank goodness.
  • Melinda thinks she got a raw deal here. She's been good, but she still gets in trouble.
  • She wonders why everybody wants her to talk so badly. She has lots of reasons for not wanting to speak.
  • She thinks she's in need of a good lawyer.