Study Guide

Speak Chapter 74

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 74

Advice From A Smart Mouth

  • David types Melinda a note saying that it sucks that her parents didn't stand up for her against Mr. Neck. (Her parents don't really know yet, but the guidance counselor will fill them in soon.)
  • At David's locker, Melinda tells him she got a D. David says a D might be what she deserves.
  • According to David, Melinda missed the point of the suffragette movements. Suffragettes were about speaking in order to gain rights. If people don't speak up, they are "letting the bad guys win" (73.6).
  • David still admires Melinda for standing up for something, but her urges her to "speak up for [her]self" so she can "make a difference" (73.8).
  • David only gives this kind of advice to people he likes.
  • Before Principal Principal runs all the kids out of the hall, David says he might call Melinda some time.
  • Melinda decides she'll pick up if he calls, but if they go out for a date, he can't touch her.