Study Guide

Speak Chapter 75

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 75

The Beast Prowls

  • Melinda stays after school to work on her tree. Mr. Freeman helps her until he has to take off for a meeting.
  • Melinda feels safe here in the art room.
  • All the sudden, the lights go off and she can smell Andy's terrible cologne.
  • He asks her if she's seen Rachel Bruin.
  • Melinda doesn't speak. Andy comes near her, sits on the table in front of her, and yells at her. She's frozen with fear.
  • Soon, Rachel comes to the door. In getting off the table, Andy tears Melinda's paper.
  • Ivy comes in at this moment, noticing that something is off.
  • Rachel and Andy leave together.
  • Ivy says that Andy is a really dangerous guy, and she can't believe Rachel is going out with him.
  • Melinda is really freaked out. When she gets home, she hides in her closet. She pushes clothes in her mouth to drown out the sound of her screams.