Study Guide

Speak Chapter 82

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 82

Little Writing on the Wall

  • In art class Ivy accidentally makes a rainbow on Melinda's shirt with markers.
  • If it wasn't Ivy, Melinda wouldn't believe it was an accident.
  • Mr. Freeman lets Melinda go to the bathroom. While Melinda is trying to get the marker off her shirt, in walks Ivy. Mr. Freeman wanted to make sure Melinda didn't run away.
  • Ivy takes charge of the shirt washing, while Melinda reads Ivy the writing on the bathroom wall.
  • Melinda asks Ivy why she said Andy Evans was a dangerous guy.
  • Ivy says she's heard that he forces himself on girls when he wants to have sex with them.
  • They discuss the fact that Rachel is dating Andy.
  • Ivy thinks Rachel is a snob.
  • Melinda's shirt will probably need bleach.
  • Melinda asks for one of Ivy's markers. She writes "Guys to Stay Away From" (81.22) on the wall.
  • She puts Andy Evan down as number one, then shows Ivy her masterpiece.
  • Ivy's looks pleased.