Study Guide

Speak Chapter 83

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 83

Prom Preparation

  • Merryweather is in full prom mode. Teachers are totally frustrated because the students can't concentrate on their studies.
  • Andy Evans and Rachel are double dating with Rachel's brother and his date.
  • Melinda wonders if Rachel got her note. She wonders if Rachel and Andy laughed about it.
  • It's possible that Andy won't rape Rachel. If Melinda doesn't stop obsessing about it, she'll drive herself insane.
  • Heather comes over and complains about how much she hates being a Martha.
  • Melinda tries to figure out what Heather wants from her.
  • Heather comes out with it – she needs Melinda to help her fulfill a Martha assignment, which is to decorate the Holiday Inn ballroom for prom. In exchange, she offers to help Melinda decorate her room.
  • Melinda tells Heather she won't do it. Shocked, Heather asks, "But, whiii-iiiy?" (82.19).
  • Melinda says she will be busy. Then she tells Heather to make like a tree and leave, so Melinda can clean her room.