Study Guide

Speak Chapter 84

By Laurie Halse Anderson

Chapter 84

Communication 101

  • Melinda's feeling strong. She's ready to fight. Time to talk to Rachel.
  • During study hall, Melinda makes her move.
  • After some semi-pleasant, nervous chit chat with Rachel, Melinda brings up Andy.
  • Rachel gushes his praises. Melinda asks what Rachel will do when Andy, a senior, leaves for college.
  • Rachel looks hurt, and says she'll "wait for him" (83.12).
  • Before Melinda can really get into it, the librarian tells them to be quiet. They continue their conversation by writing notes back and forth in Melinda's notebook.
  • Melinda asks if Rachel is still upset with her.
  • Rachel writes she doesn't hold the party thing against Melinda anymore. But, she doesn't understand why Melinda called the police.
  • Melinda writes to Rachel that she was raped.
  • Rachel wants to know why Melinda never confided in her. Melinda writes that she has kept the secret until this moment.
  • When Rachel asks who raped Melinda, Melinda tells her it was Andy.
  • Rachel flips out. She accuses Melinda of making it up because she's jealous.
  • Then Rachel storms out, saying she's going to the nurse because she might vomit.